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One Day Seminars

We have 3 types of programs that we can bring aviation to your school

  • Type 1: Youth Career Development Program

    Emphasis placed on having student interaction with actual aviation employee such as a pilot. Also providing academic guidance for students.

  • Type 2: Canadian and Minority Contributions to Aviation Program

    Here participants learn vital contributions of unheard hero's in the past and at present, through entertaining audio/video presentations.

  • Type 3: Airshow on the Road Program

    This program helps to promote awareness of aviation through fun and entertaining audio/video presentations, flight simulation demonstrations, paper aircraft model designing and introductory career development programs.

UPN youth summer camp programs

UPN youth summer camp programs are formed through partnerships with organizations throughout the GTA. The programs run between the month of July and August and can be tailored to suit the needs of most organizations. Not only do young people get a chance to learn the fundamentals of flight through fun and interactive slides, presentations, and computer flight simulation, they also get the opportunity to fly in a 4 seater aircraft with a certified Pilot. The age range for these camps is typically from 9 to 14 years of age.

The Urban Pilots Network is "Soaring To New Heights" with the Youth Taking Flight camps

Youth Tours to Commercial Operators

Trips and tours have included Seneca College Flight Training, Toronto Airway Ltd. Flight Training, Ontario Science Center's Aerospace Science sector, Pearson International Airport (Air Canada Hangar) and more.
Note: There are applicable charges/fees for these various services. All proceeds go towards furthering UPN's mandate.