The Urban Pilots Network or UPN was formed out of an idea to help underprivileged youth in the Greater Toronto Area get involved in STEM related programs during the 90’s. It’s founder and current President, Tony Lawrence, thought that he could use his aviation professional experience to provide creative and innovative programs to reach these youth and encourage them to think about careers in aviation.  Tony, along with 2 other aviators, Len Isaacs, and Bill Shepard, officially incorporated UPN in 2004 as a nonprofit organization. 

UPN has grown from 3 original members to over 50 members of various aviation professions ranging from Airline Pilots and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers to Flight Attendants and Airline Managers.  It’s current leadership consist of President & Chief Executive Director Tony Lawrence, Vice President & Membership Director Warren Holt, Treasurer & Scholarship Director Allan McLean, Secretary & Aviation Camps Director Damar Walker, Programs Director Karl Loken and IT Communications Director Coneil Campbell.

Since it began, UPN has reached hundreds of young people through workshops introducing careers in aviation, mentorship programs, annual aviation summer camps and annual scholarship awards.

UPN takes pride in being Toronto’s premier urban aviation network.

“Inspiring to Aspire Higher”

UPN Membership

Qualified Members of UPN can expect the very best that UPN has to offer. Being the backbone of this organization, member support is an important part in keeping UPN thriving for years to come. Members are given discounts on most of our services, access to a network of aviation professionals, gifts from our UPN FlightShop, and VIP status to our year end gala events.

UPN Programs

The Urban Pilots Network is a not-for-profit organization that is geared towards training, mentoring, entertaining and enhancing aviation awareness for young people and other participants of our programs. Our programs include the One Day Seminars, UPN Camps, Youth Tours, UPN Mentorship and Professional Aviator Development.